Have Questions?

Yes, car owners does not need to pay to Best Price Car Repair for our service.
All car owners can get at least 3 FREE quotes. Unless the problem is too specific and there is only a limited number of workshop who can perform the task.
Yes, you can. There is no obligation to engage the workshop.
Our workshops operates on weekdays. In weekday, the MAX. turnaround time is 8 hours.
We will never share your contact with the workshop without your permission. If you have review all the 3 quotes and has chosen one. With your permission, we will share your contact to the chosen workshop for them to follow up with you.
You can share your problem in greater depth and perhaps send your car for a quick inspection. This will make sure both car owner and car workshop in at the same frequency. Once the problem is clarified and the solution is provided, you can decide if you want your car to be serviced by the workshop.
No, we don’t charge the car workshop too. We are providing a FREE service to build a community of car owners and car workshop.
We need to forward your FREE quotes to your hand phone straight away.

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